Mountain Zebra Camdeboo Protected Environment

- conservation through collaboration -

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The Mountain Zebra Camdeboo Protected Environment

- is a collection of private landowners who have come together under a vision of working together with each other and conservation organisations to promote the sustainable management of the area, the ecosystems that drive it and the species that call it home.

About us


This site showcases the MZCPE efforts guided by their management plan. Under the conservation tab you will find a breakdown of the plan and some of the projects we are involved in.


There are so many places to visit and things to see. Explore the site for places to stay and things to do in the MZCPE. Find out under the Explore tab which activities are offered and who to visit.


The MZCPE is on a mission to showcase the area and use the visitor experience to contribute to the conservation and social drive the Protected Environment is on. Check out the events on offer under the Events tab.


The MZCPE is a productive landscape with so many products available. Have a look at the top quality products that come from the farms of the MZCPE and some of the unique products produced by some seriously talented members.


“To maintain the current landscape in terms of its scenic, biodiversity and landscape value through collective action by the private landowners and to protect the area from detrimental developments. “